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My name is Nazerit Wilson and I am an aspiring South African author.

We all have a story. An account of our struggles, our gains, and our losses. Just the same, we have all lived and learnt key lessons from our encounters. Often, we feel alone in our grapple, separate from the world, a sinking boat in rough seas.

It is for this reason that I choose to write a story. A story which unpacks the details of lives lived before and after me; one which reveals the untold happenings of a hidden world.

I want this story to reach far and wide, gripping young and old in a tight embrace, offering them hope and faith so that they too can find the courage to say, “no more!”

– NO ONE is alone in this world and we should never have to feel deserted in our pain.

This is a story that belongs to so many who have fought and are still fighting silent battles.

 A brief intro into my Fiction Novel

Like many women, Samara, the main character in my book, is forced into a life she has no control over.

Cornered by her selectively religious and abusive parents, Samara takes her only shot at freedom and happiness, marrying a man she does not know or love. This takes her down a new path of abuse and entrapment. How does one escape from a life so riddled with religion and false “goodness”?

Samara shares the story of so many. She is the girl from your school who you don’t know is being forced into an arranged marriage, she is the young girl you saw at the park who you didn’t know was avoiding going home, she is the girl you passed in the supermarket who accidently bumped into you because she couldn’t lift her head.

 New book releases in South Africa

My book is almost complete and will be available as an online book/eBook as well as a hardcopy. My goal, as I suppose it is any author’s goal, is to be one of South Africa’s best fiction authors.

For now, I will be publishing snippets of my book on my website.