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Who would have thought that at the end of a turbulent year, I would complete and publish my first novel independently? I did! 

Yes, 2020 was tough to say the absolute least, but I had a vision, a goal, a dream and I vowed to turn them into reality, come hell or high water.

I have always appreciated a challenge and seen it as an opportunity for growth and, since I wrote the very first word for this novel, my how I have grown!

The Making of Blooming of a Broken Flower

As a regular person with a regular job, I had to squeeze writing into every spare moment I could find. Before work. After work. Notes on my phone. A pen and notepad on my bedside table.

I would wake up in the dead of the night with intense thoughts, inspired dialogue and brilliant settings.

Turning on the bedside lamp and, with groggy eyes, I would scribble down my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget them. Then I’d toss and turn, my mind running marathons around ideas, edits and sometimes questions of self-doubt.

But I did it. I wrote and wrote until one day I opened my laptop and there was nothing left to write. My book was complete. Well, apart from the editing which was a gruelling phase of rearranging the story, adding things I had missed and scrapping things that stood in the way of my plot. But I did that too – with many fallen tears and moments of frustration.

I am a planner at heart. I plan everything and so, during the early stages of my writing journey I decided to start building an online presence as I knew that I would publish my book independently. I found an amazing digital marketing team who made sure the digital side of Nazerit Wilson was taken care of, allowing me to continue writing.

Then, after months of searching, I found a publisher who was perfect for me, who helped me navigate the world of publishing my book digitally and as hard copies as an indie author.

I also decided that I wanted to do a video trailer in which I would introduce myself and my book to the world. As an energetic individual who loves to use movement as an expression, sitting still in front of a camera was uncharted territory for me, but, you guessed it – I did it!

After this, everything began to move quickly.

The typesetting was done.

The eBook conversion was underway.

Publisher on standby for a mock-up of my book.

My publisher listing my book on Amazon.

My marketing team working hard for the last 9 months on all sorts of things I simply do not understand.

I could hardly catch my breath.

And, while this was all taking place, I was still working full-time. Long, gruelling hours in a position that requires me to pay absolute attention to the smallest detail. I was exhausted. Often too exhausted to write. But, my dear husband was always there to offer a gentle push, reminding me why I do what I do.

Despite the high levels of stress, anxiety, and occasional uncertainty, I was able to push through the sleepless nights, riding on the waves of fulfilment with each piece of brilliant writing I was able to complete. Each completed piece brought me closer to my goal.

Then, one day while I was at work, I received the link from my husband – and there it was – my novel, listed on Amazon. And here I stand today, my first novel published.

Nazerit Wilson – South African Female Author Against Gender-Based Violence

Blooming of a Broken Flower is a heroic story of a young girl who fights for love and acceptance in an unjust world. Where patriarchy ruled and violence against women and children was the norm.

This novel tells the story of so many lives lived in oppression and silence. It’s a story of hope, love and victory.

It is my hope that this story will lead many young girls on a journey towards sovereignty and freedom, as they realise that it is possible to re-write their stories.

If you would like to purchase my eBook, please click here, or contact me to find out more about ordering a hard copy.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies and individuals, without you by my side, none of this would be possible:

  • Romaen at Ren Photos: Photographer
  • Romy Sommer: Author and Editor
  • Kathy Bosman: Author and Editor
  • Myebook:
  • Colin Mann: Video Production Team
  • Print It Za:

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